Spring flowers - ٍRasha Seddik

Spring flowers - ٍRasha Seddik

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Item specifics

  • Length 60 سم
  • Width 60 سم
  • Artist Name رشا صديق
  • Ores 3D
  • Ores قماش - الوان اكريلك

Product Description

Buy the wonderful (Spring flowers) painting for creative artist: Rasha Siddik

Artist: Rasha Seddik


General information:

Born in Mecca

Major systems of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University


Exhibitions :

Creative gallery

Islamiyyat Exhibition 2016-2018

Nesma Art Gallery in Jeddah

International Book Fair in Jeddah in 2017

Al-Amana Award for Visual Arts 2019

Sublimation Creative Lab exhibition in Jeddah

Sectarian Rose Exhibition 2016-2018

Under the Bayrak Sidi, the Hilton Hotel, organized by Nessma Gallery of Art

Diaa Aziz Award for Portrait 2018-2019 Organized by the Association of Culture and Arts in Jeddah

National Memory, King Saud University, Riyadh 2018

30x30 Desert Heritage Gallery, Society of Culture and Arts Dammam 2019

Painting exhibition in every house of art atelier in Jeddah 2016

Scientific Forum 19 history and civilization of Makkah throughout the ages at Umm Al-Qura University

Sense of the color of a group exhibition organized by Nesma Arts in Jeddah

National Day at Jesoft Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Sons of the martyrs, seeing, set six Habayeb Heliton Jeddah

Decover, Heliton, Jeddah ... and others


Awards and Collectibles:

Okaz International Market Prize 2018 for third place

Acquisition of Umm Al-Qura University Museum in Makkah

Acquisition of Wasfi Maqlan Foundation for the raft in Mecca

National Day Award, Mecca won first place

Acquisition of Amana, the capital of Jeddah

The Scientific Forum Award, Makkah History and Civilization, Second Place, Creators 4, Second Place

Several acquisitions of businessmen and private acquisitions


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