Hewar Algased - Zuhair Tolah

Hewar Algased - Zuhair Tolah

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Item specifics

  • Length 80 سم
  • Width 80 سم
  • Artist Name ابو هريس
  • Ores 3D
  • Ores قماش - الوان اكريلك

Product Description

Buy the unique (Hewar Algased ) painting by international artist: Zuhair Tallah

Artist: Zuhair Tallah


: Personal exhibitions

1996 Weddings in Black and Lower Gagha French Cultural Center Jeddah

1997 Human spaces, Bagatelle Palace, Marseille, France

1997 Tracts of Humanitarian Triolet Rivnov at Marseille, France

1997 Beyond the Palme d'Or in Sadeen Gallery

1998 Body parts in a golden frame at the University Galleries Lyon, France

1999 Group 2000 in the hall of the French Cultural Center in Jeddah

2001 A human group sponsored by the Pure Art Foundation at the National Museum in Riyadh

2002 Post Card Revnov Marseille, France

2006 The permanent exhibition Abrah Arabs Makkah

2007 An exhibition at the Palace of Gwalia Homs

2007 Personal exhibition at the Merignal Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2010 A human being's love exhibition in the international hall, Jeddah

2010 GOLD Personal exhibition at the Lamotte Place France, sponsored by the Ducomon Association

2011 The Earth Destruction Exhibition, World Hall, Jeddah

2020 Al Khail Gallery Haider Gallery Jeddah


 :Collective exhibitions

1989 Second Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Saudi Center, Jeddah
1990 Arab Community Exhibition Deco Aso wins Brazil
1996 The fourth collective exhibition of contemporary art, Saudi Center
1996 First Photography Festival Saudi Center
2000 Exhibitions of the University Gallery in cooperation with major contemporary artists, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium
2000 French impressions, inspired by works by students from the French School, Jeddah
2001 Art for All is sponsored by the Mansouriya Gallery Rida Foundation
2002 Whenever possible, a bilateral exhibition with Abdullah Idris International Gallery
2002 Annual exhibition of members of the House of Fine Artists
2003 Group participation of the Friends of Art Association Amsterdam Netherlands
2003 Triple storm exhibition with the artist Ayman Yousry and the sculptor, Dr. Sana Abbas Abbas Gallery, Reda Jeddah
2003 Eighth Contemporary Art Exhibition, Saudi Center.2003
The eighth contemporary art exhibition, Saudi Center
2004 The global hall collective participation, Jeddah
2006 Zoom 1 group exhibition Saudi Center
2006 Group participation, preference selection group, Jeddah
2007 Collective participation of the Desert Heritage Exhibition, Dammam
2007 See the spring of the participation of the International Gallery University
2007 City talk Mahmoud Saeed Center Jeddah
2007 Zoom 2 Saudi center collective participation
2011 Edition of the rare Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Jeddah



The French Arab Center in the city of France
Acquisition from Al-Mansouriya Foundation
The acquisition of Lexus
Acquisition of the two dams
Acquisition from the Pure Art Foundation
The acquisition of a number of paintings in a number of countries (France - Belgica - Saudi Arabia)
The first prize for the Al-Durrah painting was honored by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
(Red Horse) acquisition of His Royal Highness King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God have mercy on him

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