Sunrise of the character

Sunrise of the character

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Item specifics

  • Length 80 سم
  • Width 80 سم
  • Artist Name ابو هريس
  • Ores 3D
  • Ores قماش - الوان اكريلك

Product Description

Buy a unique (Sunrise of the character) painting by the able

artist: Fayez Abu Harris

Artist: Fayez Al-Harthi (Abu Harris)

Member of Jifest Makkah College

Member of the Society of Culture and Arts in Jeddah

A member of the Art Nucleus

Founding member of Memory of the Square

Founding member of the Arab Plastic Society

Founding member of the fragrant plastic group

Member of the American University CAA

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Personal exhibitions:

The first personal exhibition in 1415

The second personal exhibition in 1417

The third personal exhibition in 1426

The fourth personal exhibition in 1430

Fifth personal exhibition in 1432

The sixth personal exhibition in 1436

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Internal exhibitions:

Youth care exhibitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1410 to date

Exhibitions of the Society of Culture and Arts from 1412 to date

Collective exhibitions of plastic artists house since its foundation in 1413 until its closure

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