Character Configuration Panel

Character Configuration Panel

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Item specifics

  • Length 120 سم
  • Width 120 سم
  • Artist Name محمد الرباط
  • Ores 3 سم
  • City جدة
  • Ores اكريلك - قماش فاخر

Product Description

The most wonderful painting of the artist Qatir al-Badashah: Muhammad al-Ribat

 (Composition of the Arabic character in an abstract color space)

The painting will be pre-ordered

Shipping to all countries

Within 1-3 weeks

Within the Kingdom of 2-3 days

Who is Mohamed Rabat?

Mohammed bin Ibrahim bin Mohammed Rabat is a plastic artist born in 1389 AH, and he has a rich and varied artistic production between works, paintings, book covers, posters and other forms that bear his signature.

Works of artist Mohamed Rabat

1 - The artist Mohamed Rabat worked as a cartoonist in a number of newspapers and magazines, including Okaz newspaper, Al Madinah Al Munawwarah newspaper, Society of safety magazine, Camera three picture magazine, sports club magazine and Smark magazine.

2 - He designed and worked in a model of the province of the cradle of gold, and another of the Jazan Bedouin.

3 - He gave some murals to teach Jeddah, and he also has some other in the home of plastic artists in both the Jumjum and the country.

4 - He has two frescoes at the headquarters of Okaz newspaper, which he worked for some time.

5 - It also has a mural length of 25 meters, which is the mural of the municipality east of Jeddah.

6. Saudi Aramco has a number of murals in Rabat.

7 - and has another mural in the National Commercial Bank.

8 - The project of decorating the municipality of Onaiza in Qassim.

9 - One of the most prominent works of the two frescoes at King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah, which is a length of 36 meters and a height of 3 meters.

10. A number of backgrounds were also presented for the television program this morning.

11. A plaque was also presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Alia Bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

And the artistic creativity of the artist Mohammed Rabat did not stop at this limit has presented a number of local exhibitions in the Kingdom, including:

1 - Exhibition of the Palestinian Intifada in Riyadh in 1409.

2- The annual gendarmerie exhibition in 1409-1431.

3 - Exhibitions of the Saudi Center for Arts 1415-1432.

4-Gallery of each house painting over three consecutive cycles.

5 - Exhibition Yanbu, Riyadh, Jeddah, Hail, Abha, and many more and many posts and works of art provided by the artist Rabat.

We recall the international artistic contributions of Mohamed Rabat

1 - The artist Mohamed Rabat participated in the Alexandria exhibition in 1418.

2- Participated in the Tunis exhibition accompanied by the delegation of the Saudi Ministry of Information in 1426H.

3 - contributed to the exhibition Biennale Uzbekistan and Tajikistan 1429.

4 - also attended an exhibition with a group of Arab wings in the UAE in 1430.

5 - Participated in the exhibition accompanying the Ministry of Information in Argentina in 1430.

6 - and also contributed to the exhibition of a group in Lebanon in 1431.

8 - participated in the exhibition of cultural days in India in 1432 e.

9- He also attended the Saudi cultural days in UNESCO in France.

Mohamed Al-Rabat has won a number of awards including:

1 - Won first place in the General Presidency of Youth Welfare.

2 also won first place in the Janadriya Festival in 1422.

He won the first prize for designing the logo of the Arab sports tournament in 1426.

4 He also received the first level of the King Abdullah Award in 1420.

- He also won the first level prize in the competition of the homeland in the eyes of plastic artists 1428.

Collective Competition Awards

1 - Received three prizes for the acquisition of the second ambassador competition for the year 1428.

2 - He also won the third place in the Abha Fine Arts Award in 1429.

3. He also won the first prize for a painting and poem in the Okaz market competition in 1431.

4 - He was awarded the Excellence Award for the World Decorating Contest of Mecca in 1431.

5 - He won the silver ring for the competition of the Visual Arts Forum of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the year 1432.

6. He also won the first prize in the competition of contemporary Islamic art.

This rich production, prizes, contributions and participations, if shown, indicate the artistic creativity flowing and an inexhaustible source of outstanding works of art that perpetuate the impact of the owner in every corner of the Kingdom.

This news has been forwarded, and the source is responsible for the validity of this news, if you have any query or appeal to this news please send us the original news source: Mursal

Adapted from: Najla Abdullah

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