common questions

Welcome to Art to live Gallery, the first full Arabic art shop specializing in fine arts on the Internet, supports Arabic and English,

art to live gallery is the best place to buy and sell artwork on the internet. In addition to buying art tools,

On the site you can find a wide variety of the most beautiful original paintings from artists in Saudi Arabia.

All paintings on the Art to Live Gallery are original paintings signed by distinguished artists and leading artists from all over Saudi Arabia. You can purchase these paintings directly from our website.

common questions :

1 - How to buy a painting of paintings displayed on your site?

Contact us by clicking on the contact form and the painting reminder you want to specify your order and then we will contact you and we will provide you with all the data of the art painting at the requested price and give the date of the painting and tell about the painter's life

2 _ How to buy technical tools?

By direct order from the website and will be communicating with you when the purchase is completed within 7 hours.

3 - How long do you take to receive the artwork I want?

Most of the time it takes to buy and receive the painting a few days but the length may be longer depending on your location and the required painting, some paintings are reserved, which requires additional time to complete the sale.

4 - How long do you take to receive the technical tool I want?

The technical tools are received within 3-6 days within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the date of receipt of shipments outside the Kingdom varies according to geographical location.

3 - All the paintings shown are signed by the painter and documented

Yes, all the paintings on our site are 100% authentic paintings signed by the painter himself and documented

Are all the original technical tools from international companies?

Yes, all technical tools from international and original companies are supplied by suppliers or factory directly.

4 - What is your payment system?

We accept all possible payment methods, including electronic payment or by transferring to bank accounts or Western Union where these payment methods are safe and fast

We also accept payment by paypal, visa card, payment account.

Contact us to get your e-mail number, electronic payment data or complete transfer information

We accept all possible payment methods

Visa card
National Bank Account
Al Rajhi Bank Account
Western Union
Electronic payment
Payment Account
If you would like to pay directly, please contact us at gallery@art-2live.com or by filling out the contact form. Click here to fill in the contact form to find out when and where you want.