about us

About Us:
We are a professional technical team interested in all kinds of visual arts from the artist and the taste and critic and collectors and we show you paintings from the origin of Saudi Arabia lies in the originality and creativity in addition to the establishment of training courses and workshops and the sale of technical tools and the details of frames and the organization of art exhibitions.
- Establish a professional team integrated and specialized in all kinds
Arts under an official umbrella.
- Establishment of an electronic reference for artists from Saudi Arabia.
- Establishment of external exhibitions for artists from Saudi Arabia.
- Establishment of an annual auction of paintings and antiques.
- Holding an annual art exhibition for paintings
- Move the artistic center and the establishment of exhibitions and artistic events and support artists and educate the community beautiful arts.
- Raise and interest in plastic arts and improve their image in society.
- Strengthening national identity in the plastic arts.